explanatory comment, use of, 495 inner-biblical interpretation, tradition of, i9i

Irenaeus on, 266

Jewish scholarship and exegesis, use of, 227, 228

literary culture's need for tools for, 191 liturgical context, 168 monarchian controversy reliant on, 459, 462

narrative probability, assessment of, 5, 495 North African tendencies regarding, 395 Origen's practice of,464, 493-500 paideia, based on system of, 191 Pauline writings, i83, 202 self-definition and differentiation vis-a-vis

Jewish matrix, 219-20, 221 text criticism, early Christian need for and practice of,493-6 translation, problem of, 494 typological rather than allegorical interpretation, North African tendency towards, 395 word division and punctuation, lack of,494 interpretative nature of Christian practice and belief, 588 Irenaeus of Lyons, xvi, 254-6, ch. 13 apocalypticism and, 320, 530 cosmic narrative, incorporation of story of

Jesus into,9 creeds, use of, 425

demographics of early Christianity and,

305, 308

education of, 266

Egypt, works known in, 344

Gaul, early Christianity in, 366, 369, 374-6

influence of, 273

Jewish Christianity and, i0i, 225

Johannine community, location of, i26

Justin Martyr and, 263, 373

life and works, 26i, 37i-2

on Marcion, i95, 205

ministry of early church, development of,

on monotheism and creation, 449-50, 454

on omnipotence of God, 449

politics and government, attitude towards,

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