Thessalonica demographics of early Christianity in, 309 Pauline mission to, ii2-i4 social class of early Christians, i59 Theudas (disciple of Paul), Valentinus claimed as student of,253, 256, 323 Third Quest for historical Jesus, 20-3 Thomas, apostle eastern missions associated with, i22 Johannine Christianity's oppositional portrayal of, i34 Syrian associations of, 359 Thomas, Acts of, 276, 357-9, 362 Thomas, Gospel of. See Gospel of Thomas Thomas the Contender, Book of, 359 Thrasea Paetus and Stoic opposition to Nero, 78

Thrason, Roman catacomb of, 5i7 'three principles' doctrine (God, ideas, and matter), 435 threptoi (abandoned children raised as slaves), 28i, 282 'Thundering Legion', 453 Tiberias and Sepphoris, Jesus' avoidance of,

Tiberius, emperor expulsion of Jews from Rome by, 66 reign of, 70 Tibullus, 8i Timaeus influence of,435 Justin Martyr influenced by, 444 Philo of Alexandria influenced by, 438 time, creation of world in, 436, 442 Timothy

Pauline mission in Attica and Achaea, ii4

Pauline mission in Macedonia, 113, 114

1 Timothy almsgiving and care of the poor, 289 'early catholicism' (institutionalisation of

Christianity) evidenced in, 154 heresy nascent concept of, 253 slaves and slavery, 284 Trito-Pauline nature of,i06,183

2 Timothy

'early catholicism' (institutionalisation of

Christianity) evidenced in, i54 Trito-Pauline nature of,i06, i83 Tipasa (Numidia), 303, 304 titulus, on cross ofJesus, xlviii, i-4, 8, 24 Titulus Equitii, 304 Titus

'early catholicism' (institutionalisation of

Christianity) evidenced in, i54 episcopal hierarchy, seeds of, 475 Trito-Pauline nature of,i06, i83 Titus, emperor, role in Jewish war of, 77 Titus (early Christian missionary)

Jerusalem meeting of Christ-believing preachers, i03 Pauline mission to Corinthians, ii6 Titus Flavius Clemens. See Clement of Alexandria

Tobit, Jesus viewed as angel in disguise in, 33 tomb of Christ. See true cross and holy sepulchre tongues, speaking in (glossolalia), i69 Torah

James' devotion to, 9i-2 Jewish Christianity, Torah and praxis-centred definition of,88-90 towns and cities with Christian populations,

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