The Invisible Cop And The Visible I Mace

leu 11 e and salvilic, rather i 11.■ i. the sign uf salvation alreaiU achieved. I renacus believes lli.H vision of the Divim.- in i:s full brilliant glory ultimately iTi".ir□ I - humans immortality and elerua) iocurroplibilily-, v> Irk Origen speaks in terms of a time when the "form of the world will pass away" (J Cor 7:31itnd "btxlily substance will be so pure anil rdiiled :llt ■.-. t- must L hi n Ji of ¡1 being like I hi- el her."1""

In conclusion, althotigh most of these ancicni writers, whether i hristlaiu pa^-ni, or lewish, affirm that tiod invisible and utterly beyond human knowledge od encounter, they show an enormous range and variation in Inn1, they understand aj:d defend thai basic assert ion Ml three groups criticised anyone who mighi actually assume ihat ihe divine could be i unistribed l>) .1 onomairicd within temple, and in various ways each one might accuse the others ot atheism oi idolatry, depending oj^ what was at stake.

Al the same lime, the biblical assertion that human beings were created in llit: image of Ciod and therefore beai some kind • • I likeness lo God raises I he problem of what the term "likc'ir^-/" might mean and to what extent it has anything 10 tin w:ik external appearance. And although the slatement that God is invisible seems simple enough by i tae I f, 1 li e hi ■ -1 le ma t ter is- com pi ical ed w I Scripl u re relates cert-am epiphanies ol God to select individuals. Furthermore, as ihe l>ivine Word is incorporated imo the essential structure of the (iodhead in i hrist ia 11 teachi ng and t hen ■ 111 i fied by so me Ch ri siian teachers as t he one who appeared' in I bene lexis, new complications arise, especially with regard to arguments al>out the plurality 01 unity of trod and the relationship of thi Word to the I ather. J urthermore, the t hristian dec i.i alion that ihe Word became in?nrnatc in visible human flesh call1; lor a lbet>[ y about the relaiionship among theophany, beatific vision, divine perception (knowledge), and human salvation Moses ' told thin be Could "i 1 ■ I look al 1 lie face of ( < k3 and live, but i ihrist i an teaching sog-gesl s ii:-i the opposite- 1:1.11 H'ei nL: ( , I it I ' lace lo lac e" is 11 so m and substance of being truly alive,

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