Pace To Face

Portraits of the Divine in Early Christ Lin ity

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About the cover art: Left: Detail of Jesus enthroned, ca- 400 C Church of Santa Pudeiuiana, Rome, Mid die: Detail of Dome mosaic, early 6tb cen, C-E„ Arian Baptistery» Ravenna. Right Detail of Medallion portrait of Christ from arch of presbyterium> Sail Vitale, Ravenna. Ail photos are by Robin iMargaret Jensen.

Library of Congress Qua log in g-in- Publica lion Data Jensen, Robin Margaret

Face to face: portraits of the divine in early Christianity i Robin Margaret Jensen, p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index,

ISBN 0-tt006^3678-3 (pbk.; alk. paper)- ISBN 0-8006-6092-7 (alk. paper)

Jesus Christ—Art. 2„ God —Art. 3. Saints in art. 4, Art, Early Christian. 5. Portraits, Roman. L Title. N 80 50J4 3 2004 704.9'485t09021—dc22

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