Many people have helped me to prepare this book. In attracting my attention to what is interesting and difficult in many of the questions of Trinitarian theology, the students of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg have encouraged me to project this introductory work. My confreres at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC gave me the fraternal and intellectual hospitality which enabled me to redraft it. Father Jean-Pierre Torrell's critical reading of the book gave me the benefit of his valuable observations and suggestions: my cordial thanks go to him.

I must finally give a particular acknowledgement to Francesca Murphy, who took the initiative in making this English translation and who has made many ameliorations to the original French text in the course of completing it. My gratitude is all the more active because the making of the translation has created the opportunity for stimulating and fraternal dialogue with a spirited theologian and a sister in the Order of St Dominic. In her patient and determined withstanding of my suggestions, Francesca Murphy has reminded me of the meaning of St Thomas' remark that, 'while safeguarding the meaning of the truths which he translates, a good translator must adapt his style to the spirit of the language in which he expresses it'. If this work holds the attention of English-speaking readers, the credit belongs to Francesca Murphy. Both the author and translator are grateful for the work of David Sanders.

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