The Living Proof Of Inspiration

Another proof of divine inspiration is in the human heart. When the Holy Spirit takes up residence there, people know the Bible is, indeed, the living Word of God. I don't know of a single atheist who would even claim to have been improved as a human being by their atheism. But I know of millions of Christians who claim that their lives have been greatly improved by the Bible. Dennis Praeger, a Jewish radio talk host, once made a brilliant point about the transforming power of the Bible in people's lives. In a debate with a skeptic, he made this point (summarized here by Ravi Zacharias):

If you were stranded on a street all alone at night, your car had broken down, say at 2:00 a.m. on a lonely street in Los Angeles . . . pitch black darkness, and you get out of your car and suddenly, you see ten big burley men coming out of a house and walking toward you, would it or would it not be comforting for you if you knew they were just coming out of

a Bible study?117 What a brilliant point, and so true to life.

Many years ago there was a young man who was converted after a profligate life. He had shown no interest in the things of the Lord, and even had a Christian friend who never opened his mouth about the Gospel, because he wrote that man off as too worldly to be converted. I was the young man who had been written off as beyond the grace of God. But as I invited Christ to come into my life, when I heard the Word of His glorious grace, He changed my life and transformed me from the inside out. A person who had no interest in the Scriptures, I was suddenly hungry for all I could get. Down through the centuries, hundreds of millions of people can attest to the same thing—people saved from a variety of backgrounds and all manner of evil.

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