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History and its Discontents

Two decades later a young monk from Corfu, Evgenios Voulgaris (1716-1806), translated into Greek John Locke's An Essay Concerning the Human Understanding a translation that introduced the premises of Enlightenment into the Eastern Church. Voulgaris knew eleven languages and during his life translated into Greek, with commentaries, works by Descartes, Leibniz, Newton, Hobbes and especially Voltaire. Not all of his translations were published but his ideas as a teacher and an intellectual gained wide currency in the period and made him the leader of the Enlightenment movement in the Orthodox world from the 1750s. In 1753, Patriarch Cyril VI invited him to become the principal of a new school of advanced studies on the monastic independent region of Mount Athos. There Evgenios reorganized the famous Athonias School, which was based on Plato's Academy and included in its curriculum the whole scope of traditional wisdom combined with modern scientific knowledge. The school started with...

Roman Church Timeline

After Constantine's action of moving the head of the Roman Empire to Constantinople, the Empire faded into what is called the Byzantine Empire. Rome was in ruins, wounded to death. By the 6th century CE, the bishop at Rome was regarded more highly than any other by reputation, simply because the name Rome was a profoundly stirring one. During the 7th century, the bishop of Rome took on the Mith-raic title, pope , or papa. The title Pontifex Maximus * was also bestowed on him, the Caesar's title. ( Caesar is also spelled Czar and Khasar). By the end of the 8th century, Rome was resurrected back to life in the leadership office of the pope , and in the year 800 this bishop crowned King Charlemagne the Defender of the Faith , and announced the beginning of The Holy Roman Empire, or First Reich . This remained intact for 1000 years. The pages of history record the evil fruit of death and destruction of this empire. The symbol of Caesar's authority can be seen on the front of a US coin,...

Secular Vatican Mussolini to Mafia

The financial affairs of the Church spread like a tangled web that leads from the Vatican to international terrorist organizations to Mussolini and Hitler - a story that I will get to a little later.20 But the Vatican practice of hiding purely secular activities like political control (a la Opus Dei), banking, stock and currency speculation and even money laundering operations under a religious cover is a constantly occurring theme in all its dealings. As Yallop observes It was more than stock market speculation. Their activities included currency speculation, fraud, money laundering and even blackmail. But first, how did the Vatican acquire the financial wherewithal to indulge in these high-flying activities To understand this, we need to go back to 1929, to the Concordat signed between the Vatican and the Italian dictator Mussolini. Benefits to the Vatican from this treaty were manifold, beginning with a windfall of 750 million lire in cash, and Italian State Bonds worth a billion...

Asian feminist theology

While it would seem that non-Christian women, particularly in India, have made a breakthrough in laying the foundation for a distinctively Asian brand of feminism, the Christian pioneers, barring a few, have tended to apply the dominant model of Western feminism to the Asian context. This was understandably the first wave of Asian feminist theology, accompanied and followed by the second wave which was reflective of the feminist theologians' own personal and collective affirmation of their womanhood within the area of theology, profiting from the contribution of non-Christian women to the feminist debate. The third wave, which is now gaining currency, though not sufficiently documented, reflects the acknowledgment of the class-gender link. Hence, as in Asian liberation theology, so also in Asian feminist theology, the most creative contributions have come from those Christian women who have joined the various (Christian and non-Christian) women's grassroots movements, especially among...

Winnowing Fork Is Separating Us

We've investigated why Sun-Day (the Day of the Sun to the sun fire-worshippers) became the Christian Sabbath in the year 321 CE. Today, a Nazarene (sect of the Natsarim), or what might be called a Messianic movement has begun across planet Earth, restoring all things. The Inquisition murdered all of us they could find over the ages, but now we're on the internet. Nimrod, the lawless one , is the antithesis of the Mashiach. Without the name, or the number of the name of the beast, no man can buy or sell. The real power given to this beast comes from a fallen cherub, called ha shatan also known by the Latin word, Lucifer , meaning light bearer . He is nameless, yet goes by many names. Whose image and inscription is on our currency of exchange Well, IN GOD WE TRUST takes on a strange meaning when you look up the origin of the word GOD

Caritas The Augustinian Synthesis of Biblical Agape and Hellenistic Eros

Christian love has generally been expressed in the categories he created, and even the emotional quality which it bears is largely due to him.'' Likewise, O'Donovan argues ''Until more detailed research proves otherwise, we must make the supposition that Augustine is responsible not only for the currency of 'self-love' in the theology of the West but also for the predominance of the 'summary' i.e., the two-fold commandment to love in Western Christian ethics.'' Nygren, among others, attributes Augustine's influence not only to his genius but to his context of living ''on the frontier of two separate religious worlds, those of Hellenistic Eros and primitive Christian Agape.''

The Fourth Thunder is global economic upheaval

Beginning in 2003, Iran began demanding oil payment in euros, not dollars, although the oil itself was still priced in U.S. currency. Now, Iran is seriously considering establishing an Iranian Oil Bourse, with the goal of competing with the New York Mercantile Exchange, NYMEX, and London's International Petroleum Exchange, IPE. Today, about 70 percent of the world's international foreign currency reserves are held in dollars. If the petroeuro begins to challenge the petrodollar, this percentage could diminish drastically. The United States depends on the dollar foreign-currency reserves in order to sell the Treasury debt that sustains budget deficits. Most Americans are completely unaware of this threat Iran represents to the U.S. economy.

The Spiritual Resurrection Theory

Then there is the view of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which is the spiritual resurrection theory. This theory also seems to be gaining currency with some theological liberals today. They say that Jesus' resurrection was not physical, but it was spiritual, and that He was just a spirit. But the Bible directly refutes this

Arab Christianity in the Classical Islamic World

Al-Jahiz clearly recognizes the senior positions that Christians with these accomplishments enjoyed, and in doing so he clearly acknowledges the pluralist nature of urban society at this time, though the assumption underlying his remark is that Muslims dictate the overall terms and Arabic is the currency of communication.

Neo Ijtihad and Return to the Salaf

The preoccupation with sources of authority, the debate over whether the 'gates of ijtihad' ever actually closed (as the classical doctrine proclaimed, but for which there is no real evidence252), the desire to return to a purified form of Islam and the rejection of taqlid all led the 'reformers' (who, at the same time, believed, they were upholding a 'great tradition') to give a new currency to the word ijtihad.253 The reforming founder of the Sanusiyya Order of sufls, Muhammad b. 'All al-SanusI O1787-1869), who took the salaf as his model, refused to accept that the door of ijtihad had closed. For him, 'ijtihad was a process that must be continuous and never-ending.'254

The Language Of Christology

While not every member of the Church needs to be immersed in the details of nature, essence and hypostasis, we ought to consider at least two points. Firstly, this language is neither random nor happenstance, nor does it represent just an idiosyncratic and antiquated phase in the history of the Church. It is the language of the ecumenical councils, and thus constitutes an enduring and definitive reference point. Furthermore, it is constantly sung in our liturgy, which gives it an ongoing currency in the life of the Church. When we sing or recite the Nicene Creed, we sing of the Son who is homoousios ('consubstantial') with the Father. The Vespers service includes a variable 'Dogmatic Hymn' to the Mother of God in which we often use explicit theological terminology

The Wt Responds To The Issue

Interest-taking is only one financial weapon of the New World Order. Inflation is another weapon. Economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Friedrich von Hayek noted, Inflation is probably the most important single factor in the vicious cycle wherein one government action increasing the money supply makes more and more government control necessary. Lenin felt that the best way to destroy capitalism is to debauch the currency. Germany's horrible inflation was a big reason Hitler appealed to the German people.

Answers To Page2 Questions

My book simply states what has happened and what is planned. I don't believe in crystal balls. At some point, the things in this book will become part of your own experience. That is when this book will become real to you. Perhaps it will be when they do a currency exchange. Perhaps it will be when they start a cashless society. Perhaps it will be when friends disappear. Perhaps it will be when W.W. III happens. Perhaps it will be when they try one of these things and the people refuse to cooperate. Because this material challenges people to rethink what they have experienced in their lives, it may challenge some of your core beliefs. I'll do my part in providing evidence, but I'm depending on you to get something out of this book.

Precious metals and stones was therefore aesthetic rather than

Historically, gold came to serve as a medium of exchange precisely because its value was independent of, and prior to, its monetary function. Gold is not intrinsically valuable (only God possesses intrinsic value) instead, it is valuable because man, as God's image, imputes value to it. Biblically, a medium of exchange is first a commodity, an item which men value as such. Scripture always measures money by weight, by hard currency (Lev. 19 35-37), and condemns all forms of inflation as a debasement of currency (Prov. 11 1 20 10, 23 Isa. 1 22 Amos 8 5-6 Mic. 6 10-12).

The Spirit of Theocracy

At its heart, the crisis of the Church is a crisis of vision. It must now choose between providing spiritual guidance to a troubled world and secular expansion. As a theocratic institution, throughout its history, the Church has invariably sought secular expansion at the cost of spiritual guidance. Even more, spiritual guidance has been a ruse - no more than the currency to be used for secular expansion. This gets to the heart of theocracy - as corruption of the spirit - which the ancient sage Veda Vyasa saw as the greatest evil of all.88

The Revival of the Participant Theory of History

Gradually, this underground participant theory of history gained currency in learned circles, beginning, most obviously, with the philosophy of history of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1813). For Hegel, history does not point beyond itself to an ahistorical (Platonic, idealistic) realm of pure ideas, but contains all that is real and important. There is an implicit purpose or Spirit in the world, and it works in and through the particularities of historical activity as they dialectically unfold, converting mere possibilities into settled historical events. People should participate in that unfolding to see themselves as merely witnesses to history is to miss the real action.

The Kingdom and the kingdoms

Cosmas's views on the Kingdom of Christ were conventional. The Kingdom of Christ alone was the truly eternal Kingdom spoken of by the prophet Daniel His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away. 9 Cosmas took for granted that, in some way, a shadow of that eternity had fallen on the Roman Empire. Because Christ had been born within its territories, this kingdom had received special privileges from God. Though frequently damaged, for its sins, by barbarian invasion, it would last until the end of time. The world-wide acclaim of the rulers of Constantinople was known to Cosmas from his experience of the trade routes of Asia. He reported withpride that, as far away as Ceylon, the goldensolidus ofthe Roman emperors was regarded as the best currency in the world.

Against Multiculturalism

In the 1970s, the idea that non-European immigrants could not be assimilated into white Christian societies was the familiar currency of the extreme right, of political movements that shaded into neo-fascist and neo-Nazi ideologies. Since 2001, though, such views have become increasingly common in respectable politics, even on the left. After years of regarding figures like Enoch Powell as political lepers, Europeans with solid left-liberal credentials found themselves asking urgently whether radical forms of Islam might indeed provide the kind of ideology that really could generate rivers of blood. In 2002, the very liberal German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer asked whether Islamic traditions and teachings were compatible with the values of modern Western societies. Radical Islamists contributed to this reassessment by adopting positions and political styles that, for Europeans, brought back the worst memories of the 1930s. It was not difficult to find a convenient political label...

The Final Rise of a United Europe

For over fifty years now, Europe has been moving toward a union of nations. It began in the early 1950's with the vision of a stronger European economy being formed through the European Common Market. This finally evolved into a greater unification through the governing power of the European Union. There has been a constant driving force within Europe to unite under a stronger governing organization of nations. Over time, a core block of those nations forged a stronger bond by the adoption of a common currency the euro. Political and even military consolidation has continued to press forward. For over fifty years, God's Church has foretold the rise of this united Europe, which would have a common currency, a military and religion (Roman Catholic Church), and would finally consist of only ten united countries.

The Struggle for Justice

Churches have increasingly wrestled with the issues of fair trade and global debt. Governing the world economy has become one of the central issues for both campaigners and policy-makers. The world economy cannot be milked for the benefit of a tiny minority for long without generating unsustainable crisis and conflict (Coyle 2000). Markets require strong regulation within an institutional and legal framework. Financial instability can overwhelm small, open economies, such as are often found in Asia or South America. There is an incompatibility, perhaps even an unholy trinity in developing nations of currency stability, capital mobility, and national monetary autonomy. However, it is not simply market instability that is the problem. There is also the issue of the monopoly power of large corporations, which can control access to new technology by governments of poor nations, and apply lower standards of corporate responsibility in poorer countries.


A mobile army of metaphors, metonymies, anthropomorphisms in short a sum of the human relations which become poetically and rhetorically intensified, metamorphosed, adorned. truths are illusions of which one has forgotten that they are illusions worn out metaphors which have become powerless to affect the senses coins which have their obverse effaced and have lost their currency, becoming again mere bits of metal.

Puppetmaster of P2

By any reckoning Licio Gelli, the Puppet-master, had a spectacular record. This man - a former Nazi Oberlieutenant, an ex-Fascist who had also spied for the Communists after the War, and had also strong links to the CIA - was a trusted advisor to the Vatican as a financial and political consultant. He more than gave advice he manipulated stock and currency prices for the Vatican Bank to profit from, and blackmailed Italian officials and politicians to keep the Vatican free of taxes. Senator Fabrizzio Cicchitto stated in 1981 If you wanted to make it to the top in Italy in the 1970s the best way was Gelli and P2.' (Yallop, p.120) Yallop has this to say about P2 and its grandmaster Gelli

The Gnostic threat

Obviously Gnosticism tended to minimize the historical element in Christianity and to divorce the faith from the life, acts, teaching, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. It was a group of attempts at a universal religion which would take advantage of contributions from many sources, but which would hold as a basic assumption a sharp distinction between spirit and matter and would give to Christ a central place in achieving man's salvation. It was an effort, perhaps not consciously recognized as such, to acclimatize Christianity in a popular religious trend of the day and to show it to be consistent with it and a fulfilment, of it. In doing so, by omission and interpretation it so badly distorted Jesus as to make him quite different from the Jesus recorded in the Gospels. Had Christianity come to be identified with Gnosticism, presumably it would have disappeared as the contemporary beliefs of non-Christian origin which were the outstanding features of Gnosticism ceased to...

Religious Symbols

Third, symbols open up for us levels of reality that are otherwise hidden. Science, history, and philosophy are forms of discourse that investigate and speak about reality at different levels with the aim of reducing our dependence upon symbolic forms of expression. The long history of their establishment as disciplines autonomous from religion2 is largely a story of their rejecting religious symbols as the currency of their inquiry, and developing more precise nomenclatures. This, as has been said above, is a genuine achievement in the history of the West. Nevertheless, Tillich insists, there are layers of reality, particularly at the level of the grounding of the meaningfulness of existence itself, that cannot be apprehended or spoken of adequately without religious symbols. Perhaps the clearest case for this can be made by considering the power of artistic symbols to delve into regions of meaning untouched by science, history and philosophy. Music, poetry, visual arts and...

East as Orientalist

Much of the above could seem only the concern of scholars and specialists but in practice these views have an urgent saliency, owing to the renewed interest in civiliza-tional sociology. Within the realm of policy analysis and public political discourse what might be called a more popular and politically influential version of civilizational social science analysis exists, in which we find the older visions of Europe and Christianity as fundamentally divided once more gaining currency. Why should this be happening

The Language of Love

Some of the many Greek terms for love no longer have much currency in our vocabulary. Storge, a more literary term for familial love or parental affection, and epithymia, a term associated with libido or desire have not had a significant impact on the Western vocabulary of love. Philia, eros, and agape, on the other hand, have significantly influenced Western languages and ideas. Philia, with meanings of friendship, close family relations, and human solidarity, is familiar in its English forms of philadelphia for brotherly love and philanthropy for benevolence. These expressions of concern for the well-being of others, both of which are present in the Greek New Testament, are reversed in the related term philander. Eros is familiar in modern languages in the related forms of the word ''erotic.''

Heretical movements

One of the movements which was frowned upon by the Catholic Church had as its leader Tanchelm. He began to preach in the diocese of Utrecht and early in the twelfth century his views had fairly wide currency in the Low Countries and the Rhine Valley. He attacked the entire structure of the Catholic Church, denied the authority of the Church and of the Pope, and held that at least some of the sacraments were valueless. He was accused of teaching that irregular relations between the sexes affect only the body and not the soul and so are permissible, but this may have been a complete misrepresentation by his enemies. For a time he was imprisoned by the Archbishop of Cologne. In 1115, after his escape, he was killed, allegedly by a priest. Sometimes classed with Peter of Bruys, but perhaps mistakenly, was Henry of Lausanne. Like the former he preached in what is now France and in the first half of the twelfth century. Before his death in 1145 he is said to have attracted a wide following,...

The Sovereign Master

They had the tribute money, a (translated as penny ), a coin that was used for tax paying. As numismatist and theologian Ethelbert Stauffer comments The coin, in brief, is a symbol both of power and of the cult. It is a symbol of power. For it is the instrument of Roman imperial policy. . . of Roman currency policy . . . of Roman fiscal policy. . . . 3 It was a cultic symbol because the emperor's portrait was on it. Julius Caesar was the first to put his portrait on a Roman coin, just prior to his assassination. But his coins survived, and their cultic character was emphasized by mythological ornament and inscriptions. 4

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