Theological Reflections On Liberation

Hegel, the German philosopher, once said that the reading of the daily newspaper was the prayer of modern man. His observation was a profoundly theological one. If a person opens up his newspaper and comprehends God's revelation in the concrete course of salvation history, then he really is praying; for it is in concrete history that God reveals himself. But the truly important news may not be in the headlines; it may be buried away on the fourth or sixth page of the newspaper. Faith has to discern where the important news, the concrete revelation, truly is.

Today we must develop the habit and attitude of trying to discern the import of daily happenings in the light of faith. We must come to realize that day-to-day history is the one and only place where God reveals himself to us. We have been accustomed to interiorize the faith, to think that God reveals himself within the soul of the individual. That viewpoint may well reflect the influence of Neoplatonism on early Christianity. God reveals himself before our eyes-in our neighbor and in history. That is the privileged place of divine revelation, for God reveals himself in our neighbor and in the poor.

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