Significant Events

OF THE LAST DECADE (1962-1972)

In this chapter we shall take a look at some of the events that have taken place since 1962. By examiningthem we maybe able to form some judgment about what is happening today.

VATICAN II (1962-1965)

Recent as it was, Vatican II seems to lie far behind us because so much has happened in Latin America in the past decade. I t is almost as if a century of history had been crammed into this short space of time. Indeed the participation-or lack of participation-of Latin American bishops in previous Councils is itself suggestive. One bishop at the Lateran Council of 1517 would later be bishop of Santo Domingo.1 This bishop, Alejandro de Qeraldini, happened to be in Rome at the time waiting for hi~ formal nomination. He had not yet set foot in Latin America, but he was the first American bishop to attend an ecumenical council. There were sixty-five Latin American bishops at Vatican I, but they did not take an active role and merely approved what RĂ³me proposed. Some German participants and in particular the "Old Catholics" were shocked by the seeming ignorance of these representatives from the

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