dramatic 300-mile march from Delano to Sacramento. Elsewhere, Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzalez organized the Denver Crusade for justice. In Texas José Angel Gutierrez and fellow activists established in 1967 La Raza Unida, a political party which mobilized schools, neighborhoods, and universities, and also founded the United Mexican American Students organization (UMAS).

Such activity increased in intensity and scope. The first chicano bishop was named, Patricio Flores, Auxiliary Bishop of San Antonio. (Chicanos, who make up 25 percent of U.S. Catholics, thus had one bishop, while those of Irish extraction, representing 12 percent of U.S. Catholics, have over half the U.S. bishops.)

In 1971 the Mexican American Cultural Center was established in San Antonio; MACC has become a center for the preparation of chicano apostolic workers. Somewhat previous to this, priests and sisters began to unify their pastoral approach through their organizations, "Padres" and "Hermanas."

The chicanos are indeed a Latin American nation which is becoming aware of its mission.

The reflections which follow were written after conversations with chicanos:

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