Church Building Guide

Church Building Guide

Written By An Church Building Consultant, Preparing To Build Is Over 170 Pages Of Real-world, Practical Information To Equip Your Church Leaders To Properly Prepare For, And Execute, A Building Program In A Manner That Will Save Time, Stress, And Money. This book will help your church. Determine the proper steps that need to be taken in a building program, and then Learn how to accomplish those steps in the proper order, and then Execute those tasks with excellence the first time! As a result your church will. Save money in design & construction. Reduce the time & effort you will have to invest. Build with less stress & more confidence. Properly equip your building or long range planning committee.

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How To Grow A Ministry To Over 3000 Members

In this eBook you will also learn about how to use the internet appropriately to attract new members to grow your church and increase your church membership. You will also get exposed to 24/7 training that will go into depth on how to truly grow your ministry and realize your vision. You'll learn: How to identify the ideal people that will specifically support Only You because of your unique gift and calling. How to create messages that will attract only that type of person into your ministry, over and over again. How to understand Why people choose to go to the church they go to. How to create marketing pieces, websites, and evangelism tools that will help you attract these ideal people into your ministry each and every week.

How To Grow A Ministry To Over 3000 Members Overview

Format: Ebook

Exploring The First Church Buildings

Because the church building was regarded as sacred, congregants had to undergo a purification ritual before entering. So in the fourth century, fountains were erected in the courtyard so the Christians could wash before they entered the building. Constantine's church buildings were spacious and magnificent edifices that were said to be worthy of an Emperor. They were so splendid that his pagan contemporaries observed that these huge buildings imitated the structure of pagan temples. Constantine...