The Way of Gods Spirit

Perhaps, at times, even from childhood. when hearing the Word of God, you may have felt a magnetic power drawing you toward Christ. But then, you may have thought that childhood, like vanity, is filled with illusions.

Moreover, in later years, perhaps during your teens, your twenties or thirties, when you heard the message of salvation, you felt as though you were being won over to it. But even then, you failed to realize that it was the spirit of God drawing you to Christ. At first, you may have felt disposed to put it off—even to ignore it. Yet, somehow, you felt unable to shake off such an over-powering influence.

The truth of the matter is, that God was really at work in your heart; God's holy spirit was revealing His Son in you—Gal. 1:16. The time was ripe for you to become acquainted with Him and to embark on the pathway to glory.

Presently, looking back over the years, you may perceive that your experience in childhood was a preparation—a sort of softening-up period—for the time when you would recognize Jesus as your Saviour, and that, after all, there is a vital connection between your experience in childhood and that in your mature years.

As a matter of fact, gently, patiently, kindly, considerately, God has been dealing with you through the years with a view of bringing you to Himself. While you did not rebel against His overtures, you simply kept putting off the matter of salvation. Never-the-less, when trials seemed to overwhelm you, you did somehow think of God's goodness and favor in your life. You may have had some unpleasant experiences, too, and even resolved to make a change in your life. But all this was God working in you to show you your need of Christ, the Saviour, who died for all.

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