How May I Receive Salvation

The answer to this question is so wonderfully simple, that it may be difficult to believe. While in another administration, "forgiveness" or "pardon" of offenses may have been had on the basis of works; in this present administration, salvation, which is not to be confused with "forgiveness" is received in a somewhat different way; that is, "according to the riches of His grace" (Eph. 1:7).

The righteousness—(salvation)—which is of faith is given on this wise:— "In Whom—[Christ]—you also—when hearing the Word of truth, the evangel of your salvation—in Whom, when believing . . . " Let me pause a moment to point out that from this statement, it may be seen that no amount of praying, or confessing, or any of man's deadly-doing can avail in the matter of one's salvation. It is not a case of "DO," but "DONE," for the benefits of the finished work of the Cross of Jesus Christ become ours. And note a further statement in the text;—"in Whom (Christ) when believing also," mark you, not, "tarrying for," not, "speaking in tongues," not, being "baptized in water," as evidences of salvation, but believing you are—(taking place at the same time)— Sealed with the holy spirit of promise (Eph. 1 :13-14). So then, the saving and sealing are yours simply by believing.

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