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The Bible is the creed of the Christian Universalist. In this respect, the Christian Universalist beliefs are the same as most other Christians differing mainly in the extent of God's love and the final results of His salvation. But as they have been, at various periods, much misrepresented by their opposers, a Profession of Belief, embracing those important points of doctrine in which all Christian Universalists are agreed, eventually became necessary.

The General Convention of Universalists for the New England States and others, at that time the highest official body in our order, meeting in Winchester, New Hampshire in 1803, adopted and published the following, not as binding on the faith of its members but as declarative of their sentiments. No alterations have been necessary, neither have any been made in it, since that period. It is, therefore, submitted an official and correct declaration of the faith of The Universalist Church and Christian Universalists at large.

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