1 The marriage (civil-partnering) of Elton John and David Furnish on December 21, 2005 - at the Guildhall, Windsor, UK, where a few weeks earlier Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles had been married - was also widely covered by the British media.

2 I do not know how widespread this is as a genuinely Reformed position. However, this is how Trent depicted the Reformed position. My purpose in adducing it here is to show that, whether or not the position has ever been held by heirs of the Reformation, it is certainly not one that can coherently be held by Catholics.

3 The Catholic and the Reformed positions are identical in recognizing the completely free and gratuitous initiative of God who saves. The difference between them is an anthropological one concerning who we are who are being saved and what that salvation looks like as a human process over time.

4 See, for instance, Exodus 22.28 and the different reactions to it at Jeremiah 19.5-6 and Ezekiel 20.25-26.

5 See, among other places, but here particularly poignantly, Romans 2.1.

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