The Other As An Unfulfilled Seeker

Some of the Christians view the people of other religions as those who are on their way to finding Christ who is the fulfiller of all human longings and desires. For example, the idea of the 'Old Testament's' fulfilment in the New Testament is taken as the guiding principle in understanding the place of the 'other' in the overall economy of God. A supreme example of this approach is J. N. Farquhar's book, The Crown of Hinduism? Farquhar picks up the various beliefs and practices of Hinduism, describes and examines each of them in detail and, finally, demonstrates how each of those find their fulfilment in Christ, who is thus to be known as the crown of Hinduism. In this approach there is a positive evaluation of other religions as those that are also on the same journey as Christianity yet without reaching the desired destination. Such a perception of the other is very common among the laity in Asian churches, and is especially manifested in the sermons of local preachers.

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