34 See: Yi, Korean Christianity and Unification Movement, pp. 351—414.

See: Noh Jong-Sun, Toward a Theology of Reunification: Third World Christian Ethics (Seoul: Hanul Publishing Co, 1988); Park Soon-Kyeung, The Future of Unification Theology (Seoul: Sakaejul, 1997); David Kwang-Sun Suh, The Korean Minjung in Christ (Hong Kong: The Christian Conference of Asia, 2002), pp. 177—88; Min Young-Jin, Peace, Unification and Jubilee (Seoul: The Christian Literature Society of Korea, 1995).

this concept of koinonia between the South and North is most urgent, especially as this is a time of severe economic hardship and even starvation in the North. Sharing of resources is a theological imperative that the church should be actively engaged in. It is a central affirmation of Christian faith that the people of God are catholic or universal. It is in this sense that the Greek word oikoumene - the household of God - has been taken up by the ecumenical movement to express its mission for the unity of the church and humanity. Since God is one, the household of God must be one and this is not limited just to Christians but includes all the people of North and South Korea. This gives us a great hope and vision that, in God's sustaining power, we may experience oneness, and at the same time we rejoice in the diversity of our cultures and societies in the wider household of God.

The themes of the Cross and resurrection could be explored in order to overcome han. Koreans have experienced han through the constant cycle of hope and despair during the last half century and still there is no immediate sign of improvement in the relationship between the two nations. Koreans understand and identify in a national way with the story of Israel in Old Testament times and with the meaning of the Cross. The separation is understood as the Cross which Koreans have to bear, and it is through this experience of bitter conflict and division that Koreans understand the reality of human nature and yet find the seed of hope in the midst of despair.35

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