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a New Testament scholar, identifies the minjung tradition in the Bible. He avers that the ochlos surrounding Jesus in his day are the minjung. Concentrated research on the Gospel of Mark helps him to link this biblical minjung to the Korean minjung. Jesus' role with the minjung (ochlos) constitutes the focal point for understanding the minjung church of Korea in its striving for liberation and justice. Though the term 'cross-textual interpretation' has not been coined by minjung theologians and biblical scholars, they have recognized the importance of reading the biblical text in the Korean context, of using the notion of 'story' to describe the biblical material and the social experiences of minjung people suffering oppression and injustice. Being the subject rather than the object of history, the minjung must read the Korean socio-economic history from below.17 A socio-scientific approach, coupled with a concern to take into account the present realities of the minjung, will certainly broaden the scope of the stories of the minjung, being retold in the light of the biblical story and minjung social biography, the living experiences of the minjung in their political struggle against the oppression of the ruling power.18 The fusion of the story of the han-laden minjung and that of the struggle of the minjung in the Bible contributes to the process of mutual enlightenment of the two texts - the socio-political text of the social biography of the minjung and the portrayal of the minjung in the biblical text. The two stories illuminate one another in the retelling. Each of the stories are to be reread and reinterpreted, one in the light of the other.19 Both the minjung and the biblical stories do exhibit 'the religious character' that enables them to be read together.20 Nevertheless, there have

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