their theological quests were not portrayed. Two identities, 'woman' and 'Asian', dominated:

Asian women have also been raped, tortured, imprisoned, and killed for their political beliefs ... in the process of the struggle they are giving birth to a spirituality that is particularly woman's and specifically Asian?3

Asian women's theology is also 'very women. . .. Asian women share all the blessings and the problems of being Asian and Third World people with Asian men. What distinguishes Asian women's struggle from the men of the continent is their women-ness. Asian women are oppressed economically, socially, politically, religiously, and culturally in specific ways just because they are women.14

This can be an example of the typical stereotyping of Asian women: either pure victims or heroic figures. Like all other forms of stereotypical images, the image of 'Asian-women' here has both an upgrading connotation and a degrading one. To imply that all Asian women suffer the same oppression simply because they are 'Asian women', is to lose sight of the many varied tools of patriarchy and to often unwittingly serve the patriarchal interest by failing to present a positive, alternative image of women except the victim-image. Making culturally essentialist overgeneralizations and a homogenization about Asian women's 'authentic' experience was the central weakness of Asian feminist theological discourse in the past. In this kind of Asian feminist theological discourse, which generalizes 'authentic' Asian women-ness, there are many 'theoretical diasporas'15 among Asian women whose subjecthood is fundamentally overlooked, and who do not fit this 'authentic' image of Asian women. The huge discrepancy between the 'discursive Asian-women' and the 'real Asian-women' is hard to avoid.

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