In what ways, therefore, does the map of Asian theology differ from that of the rest of the world? From one point of view it is reassuring to discover that the same range of theological options exists as in the west. There is a different balance, and a different set of priorities. Such priorities may not be more important than those in Europe; but there is no doubt that they are more important in Asia. On the other hand it is still necessary to pay attention to the theology, which is spoken, as it were, with the local accent. All theology is contextual, and the particular aspects of the Asian context which have been discussed are increasingly important further afield. The multi-religious setting of Asian theology, for example, is especially significant in the contemporary world, and has much to offer to the increasingly multi-religious context of contemporary Europe. Not for the first time, therefore, Europe will have something to learn from Asia.

A map is a tool for travellers. An old map has little interest, except for historians; indeed it can be positively misleading to have an old road atlas. So the mapping of theology is not an end in itself. It enables us to see where we are; it will also be a guide for the continuing journey. For the

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