Goal of this book

The goal of this book is simple: To exhibit irrefutable tangible proof that mankind is guilty of tampering with the religion of Jesus (pbuh) after his departure. Fourteen hundred years ago, the holy book of the Muslims, the Qur'an, was sent down upon the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by God informing him that mankind had dared to change the religion of God which He sent down upon Jesus, Moses, and the previous prophets (peace be upon them all). It has taken close to two thousand years for Christianity to recognize this as a known fact. Today, you would be hard pressed to find a single scholar of Christianity who does not readily acknowledge this as a true scientific fact (A minority of the most adamant conservatives will always be the exception). The evidence is simply too overwhelming to ignore.

When I speak of "scholars of Christianity" I mean those people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of detailed historical facts regarding the history of the Bible through the unbiased logical study of the countless ancient documents of the Christian empire, the Bible itself, and other methods. These people are found in abundance in the religion departments of the various Western universities. A "scholar of Christianity" by this definition does not include the "televanglists," the "evangelists," and so forth. It has required the bravery and sacrifice of countless such unwavering seekers of truth to bring us this information. In the past, such people were casually put to death without a second thought. Even today, many of them are being fired from their jobs and black-listed for openly speaking about such matters. If they are liars then their lies should be exposed. If there is some truth to what they say, then such selfless dedication and vigilance against those who would distort the word of God should not be allowed to go unrecognized. For this reason we will study the details of their findings in this book.

The claims of the Muslims as taught in the holy Qur'an are:

1) That Muhammad (pbuh) was the last in a long and distinguished line of prophets sent by God.

2) That in the past, whenever a prophet of God would pass away, his people would begin to corrupt the religion of God until it would become so corrupt that it would be necessary for God to send a new prophet to return them to His true religion which was sent down upon their previous prophets.

3) That a pocket of unscrupulous people had managed to change the religion of Moses (pbuh) after his death, thus God sent Jesus (pbuh), in order to return them to the religion of Moses (pbuh). Similarly, a pocket of mankind managed to change the religion of Jesus (pbuh) after his departure and so it was necessary for God to send Muhammad (pbuh).

4) That God is one god. The "trinity" is a fabrication of mankind. God has no sons, no parents, nor any equal.

5) Jesus (pbuh) was not a god but only a very elect, but human, messenger of God.

6) God does not hold anyone responsible for anyone else's sin. He is also a merciful God who forgives without requiring a price for His mercy.

7) Only a person's own actions and worship in this life will decide their final reward.

8) God has specifically molded Islam to be His final message to all of mankind without exception. It supersedes all previous messages from Him. For this reason, this time God himself has promised to preserve His final message from the tampering fingers of mankind.

In this book it will be demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt (by God's will), through the words of the Bible and some of history's most eminent Biblical scholars and references only, how most of the founding beliefs of Christianity today were indeed fabricated by mankind after the departure of Jesus (pbuh) and that Jesus (pbuh) himself never had anything whatsoever to do with them. These beliefs include:

1) The "trinity."

2) The claim that Jesus (pbuh) is the physical son of God.

3) The "original sin" of Adam which mankind is alleged to have inherited.

4) The "atonement," or death of Jesus (pbuh) on the cross in order to erase this sin of Adam.

5) The "incarnation" of God in the form of a human being, namely, Jesus (pbuh).

It will further be demonstrated that the true message of Jesus (pbuh) was:

1) That God is one God. He is indivisible. He has no equal.

2) God has no children nor parents. There is no other God in existence other than God Himself.

3) Jesus (pbuh) was a human being. He was not a God, but only an elect messenger of God.

4) God does not hold anyone responsible for the sin of anyone else.

5) God does not give preference to a certain race, color, nation, lineage or anything else above any other. Only a person's individual actions and worship will distinguish them in the eyes of God.

6) No human being can bear the sin of any other.

7) God is a merciful god who bestows His forgiveness without a price or asking for any compensation.

Muslims are taught that throughout the ages, God sent messengers to all tribes and nations all over the earth beginning with Adam (pbuh), the first prophet of God. Every time a messenger of God would pass away, his people would begin to fall back on their evil deeds until a few generations later they would have managed to have completely corrupted His original message to them. When God's message was in danger of being completely obliterated by these people, He would chose from among them a new messenger to receive the original, uncorrupted message and convey it to them. Some of them would listen. Others would not. However, the message would always be available for those who wanted it. In this manner, God made sure that all of mankind would always have access to His true religion, no matter where or when they lived. It would then be up to them to seek out this knowledge.

Muslims are further taught that each messenger was sent only to his own people. His message was then fine-tuned to suit them. Thus, the basic message would be the same for all messengers: "God is one!, Worship Him alone!" However, the details of each people's worship would be molded to suit their lifestyle, state of knowledge, and so forth. This was also true for Jesus (pbuh). Jesus (pbuh) was sent specifically to the Jews, and only to the Jews. It shall be demonstrated how one of the most fundamental reasons which lead up to the corruption of his message was that those who came after him attempted to force his religion upon those who it was never intended for: The Greeks. The Greek's hatred of the Jews and all Jewish practices was one of the foremost reasons why the religion of Jesus (pbuh) ended up being modified to suit their preconceived picture of "God," and "worship."

This book demonstrates how the corruption of the religion of Jesus (pbuh) progressed in the following stages:

1) Jesus (pbuh) came to show the Jews how their religion had been changed from that preached to them by Moses and their previous prophets (pbut).

2) Jesus (pbuh) called the Jews back to the true religion of God sent down upon their previous messengers. Jesus (pbuh) himself observed every single aspect of the religion of Moses (pbuh) steadfastly and uncompromisingly. He fasted as Moses (pbuh) fasted, he worshipped as Moses (pbuh) worshipped, he refrained from tasting a single pig, he believed in circumcision and himself was circumcised, he observed the Sabbath, never having violated it. He did this up until the crucifixion. It was only after the crucifixion, according to the Bible, that he allegedly returned in "visions" to Paul in order to nullify everything he had spend his whole life upholding. The Bible actually bears witness that during his lifetime, Jesus commanded his followers to follow the religion of Moses (pbuh) and threatened severe retribution from God for all who would forsake a single aspect of this religion until the end of time.

3) Jesus (pbuh) departed from this earth and his apostles continued to follow his teachings religiously. They too followed the religion of Moses (pbuh) as Jesus (pbuh) had done before them and commanded them to do. For the first three hundred years after the departure of Jesus (pbuh), "Christians" would merely be Jews who believed that Jesus (pbuh) was the Messiah. For the first three decades after the departure of Jesus (pbuh), his followers would continue to worship in the synagogues of the Jews and observe all of the aspects of the religion of Moses (pbuh) without exception.

4) Shortly after the departure of Jesus (pbuh), a Jew named Saul of Tarsus persecutes Jesus' followers severely and kills them. He has never met Jesus (pbuh) in person.

5) Suddenly Saul claims to be receiving "visions" from Jesus (pbuh). He befriends the apostle Barnabas until he manages to replace his reputation as a persecutor and killer of Christians with a reputation as a true convert.

6) Now Saul parts ways with the apostle of Jesus (pbuh), Barnabas, and decides to preach to the Greeks. He claims that the apostles of Jesus (pbuh) are lazy, misguided, hypocrites. He claims that it was necessary for him to constantly guide the apostles out of their ignorance into the truth of God which he was receiving in his "visions." The Greeks hated the Jews with such a passion that he found it all but impossible to convince them to accept the Judaism that Jesus (pbuh) practiced his whole life and taught his apostles to carry on after him.

7) Saul finds it necessary to "simplify" the religion for the Greeks and make it more acceptable for them.

8) Saul continues to simplify the religion and mold it closer and closer to the Greek's established beliefs until all that is left is "faith" without work. He then goes on to justify this doctrine of "faith" and give it credibility by claiming that Jesus (pbuh) was not merely a normal human being but a "son of God" and that this "son of God" died in atonement for the sins of all mankind. In this manner, he manages to convince the Greeks (and other Gentiles) to accept the corrupted "religion of Jesus." This is because, unlike the Jews, the religion of the Greeks already accepts "trinities," and "father gods" and "son gods," and the death of gods, and the resurrection of gods, and the incarnation of gods, and divine savior gods, and the eating of the flesh of gods, and the drinking of the blood of gods...etc. All of these concepts are old news to them. He becomes a great leader among them and is named "Saint Paul."

9) "Saint Paul" now writes extensively and gains more and more "converts."

10) Once his converts begin to exceed the number of converts to the more strict and demanding religion of the apostles of Jesus (pbuh), they begin to kill the followers of the apostles, persecute them, and burn their Gospels.

11) The followers of "Saint Paul" are challenged to prove their claims of "son of God," "original sin," ..etc. through the scriptures and prove that Jesus (pbuh) or God had anything to do with them. They cannot. There are too many verses which declare that there is only ONE God in existence and that He does not hold mankind responsible for the sin of any man. Examples of these verses are available to this day (e.g. Isaiah 43:10-11, Ezekiel 18:19-20, Deuteronomy 24:16...etc.). Thus, it becomes necessary for them to create a "Trinity" similar to the ancient "trinities" of the Greeks and Romans so that they can have three Gods but claim that they only worship one. The ancient "trinities" of Greek philosophy are redefined and applied to God almighty in order to define this new doctrine of "three gods in one." Once again, the "Trinity" they borrowed from their ancient paganism could not be proven through the Bible, so it became necessary for them to receive divine "inspiration" from God commanding them to "clarify" their Bible so that the "trinity" could be seen clearly (such as 1 John 5:7). These "clarifications" would only be discovered by the scholars of Christianity centuries later. They would later provide irrefutable proof of how, when, and by whom these "clarifications" were inserted into the Bible. Thirty two biblical scholars of the highest eminence backed by fifty cooperating denominations would throw out 1 John 5:7 as a fabricated insertion of the church. Many other fabrications would be discovered by them.

12) In the fourth century CE., the followers of the "trinity" manage to enlist the aid of the pagan Roman empire. They wield the power of this pagan nation to "cleanse" the earth of the "heretical" and "blasphemous" followers of the apostles. They later launch campaigns of "inquiry" to "convert" them.

13) "Trinitarian" beliefs are touted as the only truly correct religion of Jesus (pbuh). The writings of Paul are collected and today they form the majority of the books of the new testament. The books of the apostles are burned. They are all "apocryphal" lies.

Within the span of a few centuries the Trinitarians manage to "recognize" that all of the books that were considered canonical and divine during the very first centuries CE were indeed all lies and apocrypha. Only those books that were considered apocryphal during these very first centuries CE are now "recognized" to be canonical, authentic, and divine. Those who are found concealing the original books of the apostles are now burned to death with their books. Paul's followers obtain copies of the Gospels of the apostles. They copy them but with drastic modifications to the doctrine found therein. They claim that the apostles wrote them. These books are attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The additions to these books will continue for many more centuries. Only centuries later will Christian scholars begin to see the evidence that the claimed authors did not write these books.

14) Muhammad (pbuh) is born. He follows the religion of Abraham (pbuh) which was handed down to him and all Arabs from the father of the Arabs, Ishmael, the eldest son of Abraham (pbut). Upon reaching the age of 40, God sends the angel Gabriel to him to teach him His final message, the message of Islam. He tells him that the "people of the book" have changed the religion of Jesus (pbuh) and have altered it from a religion of submission to one God to a religion where multiple gods are being worshipped. He is told that he will be the final messenger, and that his message is to be directed to all of mankind including the Jews and Christians.

15) The Jews and "Christians" claim that Muhammad (pbuh) is a liar and a false prophet. They claim that he has just copied the Bible in order to write his Qur'an. Just as the Jews refused to accept Jesus (pbuh) as a true messenger of God, so too do both the Jews and the Christians refuse to believe Muhammad (pbuh).

16) Muhammad (pbuh) passes away. The Trinitarians continue with their burning at the stake any Christian who opposes the "trinity" or openly speaks about the discrepancies in the Bible. They launch campaigns of "inquiry" to cleanse the earth of all remnants of believers in one (monotheistic) god. The sentences of death by these inquisitions become so unbounded in their nature that whole nations are sentenced to death. A single holy decree of the Trinitarian church in 1568 would later condemn three million men women and children of the Netherlands to the scaffold as heretics.

17) The Church loses it's power to the scientists and is pushed into a dark corner. Without the threat of death hanging over their heads, many Christian scholars begin to publish countless books exhibiting detailed examples of contradicting verses and evidence of modification to the Bible. The ancient manuscripts of the Christian society are studied in detail and slowly, the previous picture begins to come together. Countless excuses are made by the church and those who's livelihood and power depend on these established beliefs. They now begin to give practically every single verse of the Bible "abstract" meanings. They tell their flock to have blind faith. They convince their flock that they can not understand the Bible without the "interpretation" of the church. They tell their flock that Jesus (pbuh) never means what he says and that every reference he makes to following the religion of Moses (pbuh) is not meant to be taken "literally" but was meant by Jesus (pbuh) to have "hidden" meanings totally in opposition to the obvious meanings. Only they can tell you what these "hidden" meanings of Jesus (pbuh) were.

18) Copies of the original Gospels of the apostles of Jesus (pbuh) begin to surface. They are found, of all places, hidden away in the capital of Christianity, the Vatican itself. These Gospels (Such as the "Gospel of Barnabas," or the "Shepherd of Hermas") confirm the teachings of the Qur'an. Copies of these Gospels have a tendency to disappear mysteriously. Suddenly, in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered. For close to forty five years, they are hoarded in Israel and hidden from the masses. When they are finally forced out into the open, an amazing discovery is made. They too confirm the Qur'an! They prophesy the coming of not one but TWO messiahs. They claim that these two messiahs will be announced by an eschatological prophet. The dual prophesy is very clear and prevalent throughout the scrolls. The scrolls claim that the first messiah will be betrayed by one of his followers but will not be forsaken by God to die, rather, the one who betrayed him shall be taken in his place. There is so much in the Dead Sea Scrolls that parallels the teachings of the Qur'an, however, once again it is all explained away with abstract meanings. We are told that the fact that the Jews who lived 100 years before Jesus (the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls) were expecting TWO messiahs does not mean that they were expecting two different messiahs, but rather, they must have been expecting a messiah with two different personalities. Thus, we are told, Jesus (pbuh) is BOTH messiahs. On the other hand, the Jews explain that both prophesies refer to past occurrences and neither one could possibly refer to Jesus (pbuh) or Muhammad (pbuh).

"I shall turn away from my signs those who are arrogant in the earth unjustifiably, and if they see all the signs (in creation) they believe them not, and if they see the path of righteousness they do not take it as (their) path, and if they see the path of misguidance they take it as (their) path. That is because they deny our signs and are used to disregarding them" The Qur'an, Al-Aaraf(7):146.

Muslims are told that when God created mankind, He gave them "The Choice." They were told that they could either live their lives then die and fade out of the picture, like the animals do. Or they could elect to be held accountable for their actions. If they accepted the accountability, then the potential reward will be great. The potential retribution would be equally great.

With mankind's acceptance of this accountability came their free will. God gave mankind a free will to chose to either worship Him or to disobey Him. Out of God's infinite mercy, He then assisted mankind with many factors in order to guide them to His true path and the ultimate reward. Firstly, He sent the messengers. In this manner, no matter how much mankind tried to corrupt His religion, it would always be available to those who searched for it.

Secondly, He supplied mankind with minds. He gave them these minds in order to be able to distinguish between right and wrong using logic. If they see someone worshipping fire, and they see that the fire can not hear their prayers nor answer their calls, then no matter how much these fire-worshippers "spititualize" their worship and tell them of the great miracles the fire has worked for them and how it has answered their prayers, and how it "loves" them, their logic will refuse to believe these concoctions.

Finally, God gave mankind an inborn sense called in Arabic "Fitrah." This "Fitrah" is the small voice inside each one of us which tells us "this doesn't feel right." When we pick up a gun for the first time in order to kill someone, we have to fight mightily in order to overcome our "Fitrah" which tells us that killing is wrong. In a similar manner, all mankind is born automatically knowing that "God is one." They must really fight themselves for a long time and be continually persuaded by those who are around them to believe otherwise. This is how they end up worshipping fire, stones, statues, multiple gods, and other things. It is forced upon them in spite of their "Fitrah" as they grow up.

This book goes back to the arguments of the original apostles. We will start with the "Trinity" and work our way backwards through history. We will see that there is absolutely no basis whatsoever for the "trinity" in the Bible. Once the "trinity" has been disproved we will see how the rest of these fabricated beliefs will unravel one by one till we return to the original teaching of Jesus (pbuh). All of this will be done in chapter one. After that, it will be demonstrated how Muhammad (pbuh) was indeed prophesied by both Jesus (pbuh) and the previous prophets, as claimed in the Qur'an over 1400 years ago. This will demonstrate why the church teaches their flock that they can never understand the Bible unless the Church "explains" it to them. We pray you will find this information illuminating.

Follow this chart from Christianity to Islam

Follow This chart from Christianity to Islam

Conclusion: The "Trinity", "Son of God", "original sin", "grace" and "attonement" were all fabricated by mankind after the departure of Jesus. God almighty sent Mohammad with Islam in order to return mankind to the religion of Jesus and discard these innovations.

Conclusion: The "Trinity", "Son of God", "original sin", "grace" and "attonement" were all fabricated by mankind after the departure of Jesus. God almighty sent Mohammad with Islam in order to return mankind to the religion of Jesus and discard these innovations.

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