Definitions and Abbreviations

Allah: The supreme God of all creation. He is known as "God" or "Father" to the Christians, and as "El" or "Yahweh" to the Jews.

Muhammad: The last messenger of God to all mankind. He was the seal of the prophets of God, who included prophets Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and many others.

Islam: The last message of God to all mankind. It was sent down upon prophet Muhammed (pbuh), recorded in broad outlines in the Qur'an, and described in detail in the Sunnah. It is an Arabic word which means "Submission to God".

Qur'an: The holy book of the Muslims. It consists of 100% the word of God and no words of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his companions, or any human being.

Sunnah: The title given to the collection of recorded words and actions of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Most of what he said or did throughout his lifetime is recorded in the Sunnah.

pbuh: Means "Peace Be Upon Him". Used most often in reference to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and also in reference to the many other prophets of Allah, such as Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, etc.

pbut: Means "Peace Be Upon Them". Same as above, but used in reference to more than one.

s.a.w./s.a.s.: Same as "pbuh". It is an abbreviation of the original Arabic words "Salla Allahu alaihi Wa Sallam", which are translated as "peace be upon him" in English.

OT Old Testament. The portion of the Bible transmitted by the Jews.

NT: New Testament. The portion of the Bible specific to the Christian faith.

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