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Hell Really Exists

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Harold Lindsell (editor), Christianity Today, Nov. 5, 1976:

"There is nothing in Scripture that requires us to keep Sunday rather than Saturday as a holy day."

coming of the Holy Spirit, shouldn't that tell us something? Isn't it obvious that if Jesus Himself, Peter, James, Paul and MOST of the Christian Church of that time observed the seventh-day Sabbath—then THAT is the day we ALL ought to be keeping? That is the day the original Apostles of Jesus Christ kept until they died. How DARE these later theologians of the Dark Ages place the name of Christ on a day He never kept—NEVER sanctified! How DARE they replace God's holy Sabbath with the pagan "day of the Sun"—Sunday! How DARE they pervert the very "sign" that identifies the CREATOR and those who worship Him!

But, under the powerful influence of Satan the Devil, "who deceives the whole world" (Revelation 12:9), they have done it! (To learn more about the change from God's holy Sabbath to the pagan Sunday, please write for our free booklet, The Beast of Revelation.)

Obviously, then, to really follow what the BIBLE teaches, you MUST observe the seventh-day Sabbath—from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. But if you are willing to COMPROMISE on the very commandment that points out the true God, then you might very well end up observing the "day of the Sun" right along with the vaunted majority—the countless millions that prophecy shows will soon be subjected to the greatest TRIBULATION in human history because of their rebellion against the true God! (cf. Matthew 24:21-22).

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