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American Vision is a Christian educational and communications organization providing materials to help Christians develop a biblical world view and build a Christian civilization. American Vision believes that the Bible ought to be applied to every area of life: family, church, education, law, medicine, science, music, art, economics, journalism, business, and civil government. American Vision publishes a monthly newsletter, The Biblical Worldsiew, which is edited by Gary DeMar. Consider joining with us to spread the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. For more information about American Vision, write: American Vision, P.O. Box 720515, Adanta, Georgia 30328.

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Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are from the New Standard Version.

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To Weldon and Kathleen Townsend Faithful Bereans (Acts 17:11)

The Basic Survival Guide

The Basic Survival Guide

Disasters: Why No ones Really 100 Safe. This is common knowledgethat disaster is everywhere. Its in the streets, its inside your campuses, and it can even be found inside your home. The question is not whether we are safe because no one is really THAT secure anymore but whether we can do something to lessen the odds of ever becoming a victim.

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