Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Sin no longer has dominion over the Christian. Sin is no longer master. We are no longer enslaved to sin. We are now in a new kingdom, the kingdom of God's beloved Son. The devil does not reign. The world is not his turf. Jesus has plundered the enemy and freed the captives (Luke 11:14-28). He is the King, and we are His subjects.

Now, this is the important part, personal dominion extends throughout the kingdom and includes every aspect of life. Personal dominion becomes kingdom-wide. All of life should be transformed by the liberating effects of the gospel. 22 "Grace dethrones sin. It destroys sin's lordship and enables the believer to offer himself, and whatever pertains to him, in loving service to God! n23 If we believe that the work of Jesus dethroned the curse of sin so that it no longer has dominion over the believer, then why is it so hard to believe that millions of Christians should not work to have dominion over sin in every area of life? This is the essence of dominion theology. As we will show elsewhere, dominion theology is neither perfectionist nor utopian. Sin is still with us, but with Jesus' help and the power of His Spirit, it does not have to master us or this world.

R. J. Rushdoony has an extended discussion of dominion in The Institutes of Biblical Law. Dominion begins with the new man in Christ. There is no dominion without Christ:

Clearly, there is no hope for man except in regeneration. . . . The salvation of man includes his restoration into the image of God and the calling implicit in that image, to subdue the earth and to exercise dominion. Hence, the proclamation of the gospel was also the proclamation of the Kingdom of God, according to all the New Testament .i4

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The church of today has reduced Christianity to regeneration (being born again) alone. For many Christians there is nothing more. Few ask the question: "Regeneration for what?" When the question is asked, the answer that usually comes back is: "Regeneration for heaven and only heaven Reconstructionists believe that dominion begins with regeneration and should encompass all of life. Christians should keep in mind that dominion cannot be denied. Rushdoony again writes:

Dominion does not disappear when a man renounces it; it is simply transferred to another person, perhaps to his wife, children, employer, or the state. Where the individual surrenders his due dominion, where the family abdicates it, and the worker and employer reduce it, there another party, usually the state, concentrates dominion. Where organized society surrenders power, the mob gains it proportionate to the surrender.

This fact poses the problem, which for an Orwell, who saw the issue clearly, is impossible to answer. Fallen man's exercise of dominion is demonic; it is power for the sake of power, and its goal is "a boot stamping on a human face- forever." Its alternais the dominion of anarchy, the bloody and tumultuous reign of the momentarily strong.21

Dominion is a fact. For Christians, it is a lost legacy that must be regained as we move into the 21st century. If the clocks of the prophetic speculators are running fast, then it is imperative that we begin now to recapture the biblical doctrine of dominion under the lordship of Jesus Christ. Dominion cannot be avoided.

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