Individual Authors And Works

The Evangeliorum Libri of Juvencus: Exegesis by Stealth? 65

R.PH. Green

Cantatur ad delectationem: Ambrose's Lyric Poetry 81

J. den Boeft

Technological Innovation and Poetical Exegesis: The Glass Lamp in Prudentius' Cathemerinon 5 99

J Clarke

The Carmen ad uxorem and the Genre of the Epithalamium 115

R. Chiappiniello

Principles of Structure and Unity in Latin Biblical Epic 139

M. Hoffmann

Interpreting Cultural Change: Semiotics and Exegesis in

Dracontius' De laudibus Dei 147

A. Arweiler

Exegesis by Distorting Pagan Myths in Corippus' Epic Poetry 173

Ch.O. TommasiMoreschini

Reflections on the Meaning of the Ecloga Theoduli: Where is the

Authorial Voice? 199

M. Herren

Epic Poetry as Exegesis: 'The Song of the Good War' (Eupolemius) 231 K. Smolak

The Poetics of Biblical Tragedy in Abelard's Planctus 245


Biblical Poetry in Latin Liturgical Texts 265

A.A.R. Bastiaensen

The Saint as Preacher. Remarks on a Rare Motif in Late Antique and Medieval Poetry 275

Poetry and Suffering: Metrical Paraphrases of Eucherius of

Lyons' Passio Acaunensium Martyrum 293

K. Pollmann

Biblical Versifications from Late Antiquity to the Middle of the

Thirteenth Century: History or Allegory? 315

G. Dinkova-Bruun

Indices 343

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