Conclusion And Bibliography

Goldziher and Snouck. My chief source of information, apart from the six great books of tradition, has been the invaluable compilation of Sojutï, the great Kanz el-cUmmal (Hyderabad, 1314). To those who do not read Arabic may be recommended the French translation of the Bochârl, of which two volumes are now published : El-BokJtâri, les traditions islamiques traduites . . . par O. Houdas and W. Marçais. Paris, 1906.

Of general works dealing with the questions I have touched, the following, to which I owe a considerable debt, may be recommended :—

J. Goldziher. Muhammedanische Studien, Halle, 1889 and following year.

Die Religion des Islams (Kult. d. Gegenw., I, iii. 1).

C. Snouck Hurgronje. De Islam (de Gids, 1886, ns. 5 f.).

Mekka. The Hague, 1888.

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