Christianity And Islam

frequenting the public baths, which fact is strong evidence of their Christian origin. " A bad house is the bath : much turmoil is therein and men show their nakedness." " Fear that house that is called the bathhouse and if any enter therein, let him veil himself.55 " He who believes in God and the last Judgment, let him enter the bath only in bathing dress.55 " Nakedness is forbidden to us." There is a story of the prophet, to the effect that he was at work unclothed when a voice from heaven ordered him to cover his nakedness !

We thus see, that an astonishing similarity is apparent in the treatment even of questions where divergency is fundamental. Divergency, it is true, existed, but pales before the general affinity of the two theories of life. Our judgment upon Christian medievalism in this respect can be applied directly and literally to Muham-medanism. Either religion regards man

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