Christianity And Islam

taken before thanks had been given to God : grace was never to be omitted either before or after meals. Divine ordinances also regulated the manner of eating. The prophet said, " With one finger the devils eat, with two the Titans of antiquity and with three fingers the prophets." The application of the saying is obvious. Similar sayings prescribe the mode of handling dishes and behaviour at a common meal, if the blessing of God is to be secured. There seems to be a Christian touch in one of these rules which runs, in the words of the prophet: " He who picks up the crumbs fallen from the table and eats them, will be forgiven by God." " He who licks the empty dishes and his fingers will be filled by God here and in the world to come." " When a man licks the dish from which he has eaten, the dish will plead for him before God." I regard these words as practical applications of the text, " Gather up the pieces that remain, that nothing be lost " (Matt. xiv. 10 : John vi.

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