Christianity And Islam

promise sanctifying this tie ; Islam, on the contrary, found in the Qoran the text " Ye that are unmarried shall marry55 (24, 32). In the face of so clear a statement, the condemnation of marriage, which in any case was contrary to the whole spirit of the Qoran, could not be maintained. Thus the Muhammedan tradition contains numerous sayings in support of marriage. " A childless house contains no blessing " : " the breath of a son is as the breath of Paradise " ; " when a man looks upon his wife (in love) and she upon him, God looks down in mercy upon them both." " Two prayers of a married man are more precious in the sight of God than seventy of a bachelor." With many similar variations upon the theme, Muhammed is said to have urged marriage upon his followers. On the other hand an almost equally numerous body of warnings against marriage exists, also issued by Muhammed. I know no instance of direct prohibition,

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