Christianity And Islam

of God with the dogma of His unity was solved with no less subtlety- The mere idea that a multiplicity of attributes was incompatible with absolute unity was only possible in a school which had spent centuries in the desperate attempt to reconcile the inference of a divine Trinity with the conception of absolute divine unity.

Finally, the third question, " Was the Qoran, the word of God, created or not ? " is an obvious counterpart of the Logos problem, of the struggle to secure recognition of the Logos as eternal and uncreated together with God. Islam solved the question by distinguishing the eternal and uncreated Qoran from the revealed and created. The eternal nature of the Qoran was a dogma entirely alien to the strict monotheism of Islam : but this fact wras never realised, any more than the fact that the acceptance of the dogma was a triumph for Grseco - Christian dialectic. There can be no more striking proof of the strength

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