Christianity And Islam

letter of the law. All are alike slaves, for the reason that they are believers : hence the humiliation of those whom chance has exalted is thought desirable. This idealism is undoubtedly more deeply rooted in the popular consciousness of the East than of the West. In the East great social distinctions occur ; but while religion recognises them, it forbids insistence upon them.

As especially distinctive of social work in either religion we might be inclined to regard the unparalleled extent of organisations for the care of the poor, for widows and orphans, for the old, infirm and sick, the public hospitals and almshouses and religious foundations in the widest sense of the term ; but the object of these activities was not primarily social nor were they undertaken to make life easier for the poor : religious selfishness was the leading motive, the desire to purify self by good works and to secure the right to pre-eminence in heaven. " For the salvation of my soul and

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