Christianity And Islam

but serious admonitions are found which usually take the form of denunciation of the female sex and were early interpreted as warnings by tradition. 44 Fear the world and women 55 : 44 thy worst enemies are the wife at thy side and thy concubine" : 44 the least in Paradise are the women 55 : 44 women are the faggots of hell " ; 44 pious women are rare as ravens with white or red legs and white beaks " ; 44 but for women men might enter Paradise." Here we come upon a strain of thought especially Christian. Muhammed regarded the satisfaction of the sexual instincts as natural and right and made no attempt to put restraint upon it: Christian asceticism regarded this impulse as the greatest danger which could threaten the spiritual life of its adherents, and the sentences above quoted may be regarded as the expression of this view. Naturally the social position of the woman suffered in consequence and is so much worse in the traditional Muhammedanism as compared

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