Other Themes in Christian Doctrine

The larger part of this final chapter will be devoted to a doctrine not explicitly mentioned in the creed, although it is clearly presupposed and exemplified throughout the creed, namely, the doctrine of providence or divine action. This is a doctrine to which a very great deal of philosophical attention has been paid, as was the case with that other non-credal, yet all-pervasive, doctrine, divine revelation, which formed the subject matter of chapter 2.

But, before concentrating on providence, I include short sections on two credal doctrines left out of consideration as we moved from salvation to the consummation of all things, namely Church and sacraments. For understandable reasons, these have not been the objects of philosophical scrutiny to the same extent as the doctrines considered in chapters 3—7. But Church and sacraments are well worth philosophical reflection, not least in connection with the philosophy of worship.

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