The author and editor wish to express their sincere appreciation to the translators whose assiduous work has made it possible to bring this volume out in English, and thereby to share some of the philosophical thinking of China with philosophers in other parts of the world.

They wish to thank as well: Chinese Studies in Philosophy for permission to reprint Chapters I, III, IV and IX from the Winter issue of 1983-84; The Social Science Publication House for permission to reprint chapter II from the 1982 volume of Social Sciences in China; Dialogue Publishing Co. for permission to reprint Chapter X from Vol. XV (1988) of The Journal of Chinese Philosophy,; and Hong Kong Chinese University Press for permission to reprint Chapter V from Harmony and Struggle. The crucial chapters on Daoism (Taoism) (VI-VIII) and on Christianity (XI), as well as the four appendices, have not previously been published.

Appreciation is extended to Profs. Yang Fenggang and Fang Neng-yu and to Juan He for their painstaking work in assuring precision and consistency in philosophical terms, to Mrs. Bonnie Kennedy, Miss Eunice A. Rice and Mrs. Linda Perez who prepared the manuscript, and to the James A. McLeans for their support in this extension of the publication project of The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy.





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