Pope Paul VI carried in procession, iLmi c.irotHl m piot'isMon In !■ uah's tinif the pcoplt1 lav i »hfd mIvc. ami gold «11 then not I. Todas expensive gaiinnn» 41«) 1« w<% MP plawd mi tho pop«, When tin» papan ¿ml wa«> <\u mil 111 puwi sHjoii, tin ¡H opli it 11 down nifi \u>i shipped. .0 011 (i'lt.im occasions do people tmvv holo»<> 11«-« pop>> a-» lit* is carried by. Even as the god was carried "upon, the shoulders", so do men carry the pope, the god of Catholicism, upon their shoulders in religious processions!

Over three thousand years ago, the very same practice was luttmti ui siu It pun t'wnn* lh'iii|i a pai( of ilif* pa jmumv Hii>tf* Tb» illtisi 1 ¿♦KM! on the i»t'\i jidgp ihotv«- 'he atMii'iit put .-.I kit»|> »f f K>pl Im'io,» » atnrci thiowfjh worvliij fill crowds by twelve men.21 A comparison, of the» papal procession, of today, and the ancient pagan procession of Egypt, shows that the one is a copy of the other!

Egyptian priest-king carried in procession.

In the drawing of the Egyptian priest-king, we notice the use of the fabellum, a large fan made of feathers. This was later known as the mystic fan of Bacchus. And even as this fan was carried in procession with the pagan priest-king, so also are these fans carried with the pope on state occasions, (cf. the drawing with photo.) As The Encyclopedia Britannic a says, "When going to solemn ceremonies, (the pope) is carried on the sedia, a portable chair of red velvet with a high back, and escorted by two fabelli of feathers."22 That these processional fans originated in the paganism of Egypt is known and admitted even by Catholic writers.23 The four strong iron rings in the legs of the "Chair of Peter" (page 86) were intended for carrying-poles. But we can be certain that the apostle Peter was never carried through crowds of people bowing to him! (cf. Acts 10:25, 26).

That the papal office was produced by a mixture of paganism and Christianity there can be little doubt. The pallium, the fish-head mitre, the Babylonish garments, the mystic keys, and the title Pontifex Maximus were all borrowed from paganism. All of these things, and the fact that Christ never instituted the office of pope in his church, plainly show that the pope is not the vicar of Christ or the successor of the apostle Peter.

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