Therefore he [Eru willed that the hearts of men should seek beyond the world and should find no rest therein but that they should have a virtue to shape their life amid the powers of the world beyond the Music of the Ainur

The hearts of men in Middle-earth will seek beyond the circles of the world to find deeper meaning, which is another reflection of our world.

"You have made us for yourself O Lord and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee." St Augustine. We haven't been made self-complete. We will only find our true fulfilment, completion and potential in Jesus Christ.

This power to shape their own lives is free will. Their fate within Middle-earth is not governed by what has been laid out in the Music of the Ainur but they have the freedom to choose their path in life; to choose the good or do the evil. All of Iluvatar's Children have this gift as free rational beings.

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