Sacrificial Love

Any heroic story or romance has a hero; a character who exemplifies certain characteristics that will endear him/her to the reader or audience and set him/her apart as a person of value and respect.

Tolkien saw his mother die sacrificing her life for her children and passing on the Catholic Faith to them. He was raised by Catholic Priests where penance, fasting, prayer, abstinence and self control were all taught and practiced in love for Jesus Christ. He understood heroic sacrifice involved in war and the sacrificial love required in marriage. He knew about sacrifice and what it involves as do many ol the characters in Middle-earth.

Many stories or movies today, display the heroes as people willing to break the moral laws to achieve their mission in the story; as if the dire circumstances they find themselves absolve them from any moral responsibility in their situation. This is normally written-in from the desire of the filmmaker or writer to show reality [which may well be an accurate reality, and certainly has its place in artl, and to amplify the circumstances of the story. But even though it has its place in art, unfortunately it ends up glorifying or even justifying these wrong actions.

Not so with the epic saga of the Lord of the Rings.

The salvation of Middle-earth is wrought through integrity, friendship and sacrificial love. Frodo and Sam:

The love of Frodo and Sam for the Shire and all that is good and right in Middle-earth drives their mission. There is a simplicity in their outlook that isn't caught up in politics or power. They know that Middle-earth is in peril and that they have the chance to 'put things right'. They forge on into the heart of Mordor with a perseverance and sacrifice that is extremely moving.

Sam's love and dedication to Frodo is a brilliant example of service and humility and spiritual truth. Without Sam, 'Frodo wouldn't have got very lar'. Without the heroic love of Sam, the mission would have failed very early and this further illustrates an important underlying truth; that 'love can cover many sins' and work extraordinary good when offered simply and un-complicatedly.

This sacrifice is lreely given and accepted by Frodo; Elrond explains this;

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