Preternatural gifts

[preter = Greek for beyond] These are what are called the 4 As.

• Infused knowledge: - God gave them knowledge. Adam knew the nature of each creature when he named them and he knew many other things without having to be taught. They had a harmony with nature and also received a conscience so that they knew how to behave and live.

• Integrity: - there was complete harmony within themselves. Their reason was obedient to God and hence the powers under their reason [e.g. the will] were obedient. There was no war or disorder between the flesh and spirit. . All other creatures were also obedient to Adam.

• Impassability: - [derived from passion] There would be no pain, sickness or suffering. The original life given by God was free of depression, sadness or grief.

• Immortality: - there would be no death, they were not to die. They were to love God above all things and love their neighbour. When the time was right they would be assumed into Heaven. [This is why Mary was assumed, she had no sin. She is the Second Eve, so she received what was gifted to original Eve].

There were Two Trees in the Garden of Eden:

• The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

God said, 'Obey me. Do not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.' Lucifer tempted Adam. He attacked him through Eve. Lucifer chose this path because Adam would have seen him as a foreigner, but he trusted Eve. Eve listened to the face of the Fallen-Angel. Lie and Untruth came through Eve. Lucifer said 'You will not die, if you eat that fruit, you will become like God.' Then the Punishment came.

There was also the Tree of Life: The fruit of this Tree was to sustain their gifts: the divine and preter-natural gifts. They received spiritual food from this Tree. They would never die if they ate from this Tree. It would sustain their participation in God's life.

Then sin changed all this. There was rebellion. When we turned against God, everything turned against us. There was an order in creation that became disorder.

• Infused knowledge became ignorance.

• Integrity became conflict between spirit and flesh, the lower appetites became disordered.

• Impassibility became pain, suffering, sadness and grief.

• Immortality became Death.

Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden, out of Paradise, away from the Tree of Life, through the Eastern Gate [Gen 3:23]. The Law of Labour was introduced and they had to work to survive. There was pain and suffering in life, e.g. child birth and sickness. There was unrest and division in creation itself. [Gen 3:16-20].

God sent them forth from the Garden. Cherubim [angels] with Flaming Swords guarded the Garden. Adam and Eve were no longer worthy to eat of the Tree of Life. They could not return, hence they couldn't eat from the Tree of Life and therefore had no participation if the life of God. They would die.

But before they were sent forth, God gave them the First Gospel, the first Good News. He promises he will save them. The Second Eve [Mary], this time will be obedient to the face of an Angel [Archangel Gabriel came to her] thus undoing Eve's disobedience; this time through her will come Truth [not lies like the first Eve], and that Truth will be Jesus, the Son of Man, the one who will undo the fault of Adam and Restore us.

They will be Restored but will receive a greater Tree of Life, the Cross: with greater gifts flowing from it. The restoration will raise them even higher than the original state they held.

From the new Tree of Life will come the Eucharist, the Eternal Bread from Heaven. Jesus promises, 'If you eat this Bread and drink my Blood you have Eternal life.' This is the new spiritual food from the Tree of Life, the new fruit. From Christ's side that was pierced on the Cross, flowed Blood and Water, great symbol's of the Eucharist and Baptism and through these we receive Eternal life [Immortality] and become Children of God again [Sanctifying Grace and Indwelling of the Blessed Trinity]. Salvation flows from the New Tree of Life, the Cross.

The First Things are returned and elevated in the Last Things. Where does this fit into the Lord of the Rings?

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