It seems their delight to slash and beat down growing things that are not even in their way[LotR p605

Mordor twists the very life out of creation. Sauron hates Eru and hates everything he created, like Satan hating God and hating man.

This is also true in our world.

The Church has always taught that objects [created matter] can have blessings prayed over them.

A prayer can be prayed over an object, it can be blessed, so that it through the signification of that object, it can carry a special Grace from God. This is not superstitious, but ties in with the fact that all matter and spirit can be blessed by God [see below for more regarding created matter] and the Church has the authority to do this.

This is why the Catholic Church uses 'blessed objects' - Holy Water for example.

The Blades from Westernesse that Merry and Pippin carry are like blessed objects. They are:

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