Ipass the test I will diminish and go into the West [LotR p357

Her humility here is evident, and along with her wisdom, is the chief reason she overcomes the temptation. She mentions the bitterness herself and the Elves will encounter if Frodo succeeds in the quest because the Three Elven Rings will pass away. She is willing to sacrifice their abode and works, for the deliverance of Middle-earth.

She is misunderstood by the outside world and is referred to as the, "Sorceress of the Golden Wood" by Boromir and Eomer; and also the, "Mistress of Magic" by Faramir; which is similar to the perception in today's world towards Mary, especially by certain Christian groups that erroneously think that Catholics worship Mary and they consider praying to her as sorcery or occultism. [LotR p.422 & p.652]

She is sometimes referred to as the "Lady of the Golden Wood" or as the "Lady of the Galadhrim", and has many titles which is similar to many of the names accorded to Mary [e.g. Our Lady of Gap, Our Lady of Lourdes etc...] and at one particular point where the Three Hunters [Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas] are pursuing the Orcs across the plains of Rohan. Tolkien writes;

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