Industrial Advancement

As already mentioned in the Man, the deterioration of the farmlands and woods around the rural home of J.R.R. Tolkien in his youth greatly affected him. He climbed in the trees and loved the fields and green nature that surrounded his home in Sarehole. When he moved into the city of Birmingham for his schooling he hated the busy streets, cars, factories and machines that surrounded his new abode.

Industrialization and logging of the forests near by changed him and made him deeply distrusting towards technology.

His love of trees is shown by a comment he made to long time friend George Sayer,

"...think of the power of a forest on the march..." [Celebration p.5] referring to an uprising of Trees against their cullers. He would often stop on his walks and feel the texture of the bark and wood on the trees along the way.

Frodo's experience when touching a tree in Lothlorien has certainly risen from this aspect. [see First and Last Things].

In a letter to a correspondent Tolkien wrote;

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