Have failed he says But Aragorn says to him No You have conquered Few have gained such a victory Be at peace [LotR p405

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Surviving World War III

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Aragorn words are not just for Boromir's comfort before death, but they are the truth. Boromir, before he dies, sees his fault and asks forgiveness, he gains a victory over himself in seeing how the Ring tempted him; he repents and dies in peace.

This act of Boromir, through providence, is crucial in helping the Quest succeed. Frodo and Sam make for Mordor alone, Pippin and Merry come to Fangorn, and Aragorn, Gandalf and the others ride to the help of Rohan. Once again the lesson is that God can work good through all things, though this does not justify the evil that is performed, and often requires humble men true of heart: like Frodo, Sam and Aragorn.

A special comment from Tolkien worth pointing out is regarding the suffering of the Germans after World War II which truly shows the man's quality.

One must remember that Tolkien had fought against the Germans personally in World War I and most of his friends had died on the fields of France. He has also seen his son go to the Second World War against the Germans and lived through the risk of losing him.

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