God would not allow any evil unless his wisdom and power were such as to bring out it an even greater good

God uses all things to bless his children. God allows evil in the world; he doesn't create it or beget it, but he can use it for greater good. The devil has brought about evil, then, man with his free will chooses to follow temptation and commits further evil.

Then, through the most heinous evil act ever committed in the universe, the killing of the Son of God, the greatest good has been achieved for humanity: salvation.

C.S Lewis said that suffering is "like God's megaphone to humanity"; crying out to his children to come back to Him; and showing them that they need Him; that they can't solve their problems by themselves, or be happy and fulfilled only in themselves.

Eru then shows the Valar the vision [formed by the music] of the creation to come. But Eru doesn't show them everything that is to come. He keeps certain depths of His Plan to be revealed. The Children of Iluvatar are the parts to be revealed:

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