First Last Things

While the Lord of the Rings is very grounded with earthy and real themes, the story is also very Eschatological and prophetic in its outlook and existence.

Eschatological means last things [from Greek - 'eskhatos' meaning last], and in a Christian sense it is referring to God's purpose and fulfilment to come, both in a global sense and also in a personal sense. 'Last things' is very much related to Death, Judgment and Heaven and Hell.

But to start talking about these Last things, it's worth considering some of the First things.

The themes here [and parallels in the section Trees of Life] will take a few moments to flesh out so please be patient in reading this because it's important to grasp the whole picture so that understanding of Tolkien's work can be deepened.

In the history of the Church many scholars, saints and faithful have made commentary on the symbolism of the Old Testament and Jewish Law; and the fulfilment of those in Jesus Christ.

St Thomas Aquinas was a key in this study as was St Augustine. In St Thomas's great work, called the Summa, he meditated on many of the truths of the Christian Faith and further expanded their significance, beauty and meaning.

The creation stories in Genesis are parables, almost mythic in their nature, but they contain the Truth about our Origins and Fall.

Adam and Eve, were made in the image and likeness of God [not just likeness], and this elevates them above the mineral, plant and animal world. As it does for us all.

The Church teaches that our first parents received several gifts from their Heavenly Father. These can be broken down into categories Natural and Supernatural.

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