Fairy tales being quest stories reflect this Truth of our salvation

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Also caught up in this statement, is Tolkien's understanding of sub-creation. God is the Creator of the universe; He is eternal and true and what he has created is universally good. Satan, on the other hand, cannot create; he only corrupts and destroys what God has created.

Satan despises God for having 'lowered Himself' and 'dirtied Himself' with matter, so he has wanted to implicate creation in his own fall to show God how he was wrong.

Satan often mocks God. He is often referred to as the great Ape ol God. In making us in his image and likeness God has given us the ability to pro-create and also sub-create; using our artistic talents; incorporating our imagination, reason, memory and all our faculties, etc and from this it can be said that...

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