But Melkor has cast his shadow upon it [death and confounded it with darkness and brought forth evil out of good and fear out of hope [Sil p36

There are two things here. Melkors twisting of truth begets lies and his incitation of lear comes from the denial of Love of the Creator. Love drives out all fear, it begets Trust.

• Men come to believe the lie about death from Melkor and see it as a curse,

• But they will also begin to deny their trust in the Fatherhood of Eru and the natural order and hence fear him and his gift: true death.

This is very similar to what happened in the Garden of Eden. Satan is the father of lies and spirit of fear. He causes distrust of the Creator and hence the Fall. Man enters a terrible new death.

It is also shown throughout the story. Later the Numenoreans, through the lies of Sauron will reject the natural gift of death and wage war upon Valinor. Compare this with Aragorn who freely chooses the hour of his death and sees it truly as a gift. He surrenders himself back to the Creator even though he may not fully understand. Also compare Aragorn's death with that of Denethor who burns himself to death like...

"... the heathen Kings did so, under the Dominion of the Dark Tower." [LotR p.835] But in our world, through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus: "Death is not an Enemy!" as Tolkien attests. [Letters p.267]

So there is a similar theme for Men in Middle-earth as for Man [men & women] in our world.

But, while living within Middle-earth men have needed ennoblement because of this corruption from Melkor. Men have distrusted the original gift of Eru and have fallen away. This is explained later when Men come from the East and speak of a darkness that was upon them [see First and Last Things]. They have needed to have their nature raised back to a higher level after this so that they can enter into a deeper wisdom and understanding. And how is this done?

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