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FIG. 1. A fifteenth-century mural of the 'mystical supper' from Paleochorio (Cyprus) shows Jesus majestically celebrating the Passover on the night before he died. (Sonia Halliday Photographs.) 7 FIG. 2. An anonymous picture expresses the intensity of St Bernadette Soubirous at prayer. Her visions of the Virgin Mary in 1858 made Lourdes into one of the world's most popular places of pilgrimage. (Bibliothèque des Arts Decoratifs, Paris/ Bridgement-Charmet collection.) 38 FIG. 3. Famous for its stained-glass windows and exterior sculpture, Chartres embodies Gothic cathedrals at their best, and humanity rising towards God. (Sonia Halliday Photographs.) 55 FIG. 4. Through the face and right hand of St Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274), Sandro Botticelli (d. 1510) suggests the spiritual strength and verbal precision of the great theologian. (Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg/Bridgeman Art Library.) 62

FIG. 5. Young people holding high the cross on their annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Maipu, Chile. (Alonso

Rojas/ Andes Press Agency.) 65 FIG. 6. Pope John XXIII is joined by 2,600 bishops and cardinals on 12 October 1962 at the opening of the second Vatican Council: the most significant event in twentieth-century Catholic history. (Topham Picturepoint.) 94

FIG. 7. Birds and a rabbit join two little angels in worshipping the Christ Child in this Chinese nativity scene from

1947. (The Art Archive/Missions Etrangères Paris/Dagli Orti.) 155 FIG. 8. An etching by Albrecht Dürer (d. 1528) shows our 'first parents' deceived by evil and about to fall into sin by eating the forbidden fruit. (Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston/Bridgeman Art Library.) 182

FIG. 9. A funeral Mass being celebrated in Mali, West Africa. Priest and people face each other as they celebrate

Jesus as Lord of life and death. (© Abbas/Magnum Photos.) 223 FIG. 10(a). A Catholic wedding in Kampala, Uganda in February 2002. (Carlos Reyes-Manzo/Andes Press Agency.) 244

FIG. 10(b). A christening in Brixton, London. The water of baptism brings new life, and the Easter candle symbolizes the light of Jesus who will guide the newly baptized. (Carlos Reyes-Manzo/Andes Press Agency.) 244 FIG. 11. Caravaggio (d. 1610) catching the dramatic moment at Emmaus when the two disciples recognize the risen

Jesus as he blesses and 'breaks bread'. (© The National Gallery, London.) 249 FIG. 12(a). On 25 March 1966 Pope Paul VI gives his own episcopal ring to Dr Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of

Canterbury. (Topham Picturepoint.) 320 FIG. 12(b). Pope Paul VI and Athenagoras, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and head of Orthodox Christians, embrace on the steps of St Peter's Basilica on 28 October 1967. (Topham Picturepoint.) 320 FIG. 13. Dorothy Day, peace campaigner and social activist, testifying in the USA before an official Catholic hearing on liberty and justice in preparation for the 1976 bicentennial celebration. (Catholic News Service.) 355 FIG. 14. On 3 February 1986 Pope John Paul II holds the hands of Mother Teresa of Calcutta after visiting one of her homes for the destitute and showing once again his deep regard for her holiness. (Popperfoto.) 356

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