Distinctive Moral Convictions

Before examining two central Catholic criteria for the moral life, it seems illuminating to track certain moral convictions deeply rooted in Catholic thinking and behaviour. We are not alleging that these convictions are unique, but only that they are distinctive and persistent.

223 For accounts of this encyclical's important teaching on law, freedom, and intrinsically evil acts see J. A. DiNoia and R. Cessario (eds.), Veritatis Splendor' and the Renewal of Moral Theology (Princeton, NJ: Scepter, 1999); R. H utter and D. Dieter (eds.), Ecumenical Ventures in Ethics: Protestants Engage Pope John Pauls Moral Encyclicals (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 1998); J. Wilkins (ed.), Understanding Veritatis Splendor' (London: SPCK, 1994).

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