Christianity Takes Shape in Organization and Doctrine

The reticence of Jesus on organization and creed. The new Testament ideal of the Church. The Church as it was. The organization of the Early Church. The Church of Rome. Ideal unity and actual division: the continuing problem. The conflict over the relation to Judaism. The Greek menace. The Gnostic threat. Marcion and the Marcionites. The Montanist movement. The development of catholic organization and doctrine. Apostolic succession. The canon of the New Testament is determined. The Apostles' Creed. The continuation of conflict within the Church. The Easter controversy. The Novatian and Donatist divisions. The effort to define the Trinity. Early Christian views of Christ. Christ and the Logos. Tertullian and the Trinity. The Great Alexandrians: Clement. The Great Alexandrians: Origen. Post-Origenist developments in Christian thought and the rise of Arianism. The council of Nic^a. The resurgence of Arianism. The defeat or the Arians. The Nicene creed. Further Christological controversies: Apollinaris, Nestorius, Cyril. "Nestorianism" finds a refuge in the Persian Empire. The continuation of the Christological controversy. The further progress of Monophysitism. Augustine and Pelagianism. Semi-Pel agianism. The continued development of the structure of the Catholic church. The increasing importance of the Church of Rome. Summary.

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